Driver Attitudinal Retraining Courses

Lowell Auto School "Think Twice"


Lowell Auto School
321 Central Street, Suite 104
Lowell, MA 01852
Telephone - 978 453-1819


     Lowell Auto School is pleased to announce our new curriculum "Think Twice", a four hour Attitudinal Retraining Course. This course is designed to teach drivers how to control their emotions behind the wheel and how to deal with them. We also include the following topics in this program: Safe Driving, JOL Laws, How to reduce driving risks, anger management, poor decision making, and crash victim testimony. Also included in this course is classroom discussion, videos and lectures.

     Lowell Auto School has been established since 1984. We offer comprehensive programs for all your driver education and traffic safety needs. We offer night classes every month and morning classes during the summer.

     Think Twice Course Time and Location:
This course will be offered one Saturday a month from 9 am to 1 pm at Lowell Auto School. We are currently located at 321 Central Street, Suite 104. To register and/or obtain class information, please call 978 453-1819 or 978 453-0560.



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