Greater Lowell Technical High School Drivers ed Program

Dear Students,

   Lowell Auto School has been awarded the contract to provide the Driver ED training program to eligible students beginning Monday 3/25 to Thursday 4/12 The time is 2:15 to 4:45pm. You must be at least 15 and 9 months to start class. The cost is $125.00 for the thirty hours of classes.

Driving lessons can be taken after school, or on Saturday or Sunday. All students are picked up and dropped off at their location. Each lesson is $60.00 for an hour and a half. $60.00 x 8 lessons is $480.00. On the last driving lesson each student will pay $25.00 to send out for their driver education certificate.

If you choose to go with the auto school for your road test, the cost is $100.00 for the car and instructor. The RMV requires any parent or guardian to take a parent class if your child is under 18 years of age. Parent class is free and good for 5 years if you have other children. For more information, call 978-453-1819 or visit our website at

Classes will be held in room 3250. Be sure to bring a notebook, pen or pencil, and a permit if you have one.

 Parent class is Sunday 3/25 @ 2pm. at Lowell Auto School. Classes start Monday 3/6 to Thursday 4/12 from 2:15 to 4:45pm. Last class for the school year.



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