Lowell Auto School Price List.

Driver Education Program:

  • 30 Hours of Classroom Instruction = $125.00
  • (8) 90 minutes driving lessons, $60.00 per lesson = $480.00
  •  6 Hours of Observation = $0
  • Total Driver Education Program = $605.00
  • All payment is due by the last day of classes
  • Parent class - no charge 

Driver Education Certificate:

$25 ( $15 RMV fee plus $10 Administrative fee)

Payment for the certificate must be made on or before the last lesson by cash or check.  Certificates will not be sent for until all payments have been rendered. This price is only for students who do the complete course with Lowell Auto School. If classes where taken at another school, the price for 12 hours of driving behind the wheel is $640.00


Road Lessons Only:

  • $ 40 per 45 minutes lesson.
  • Also knows as a "Commercial Lesson," you must be 18 hears old.  These lessons are payable by cash or check on each lesson.


License Road Test:

As an optional services, license road tests are available through Lowell Auto School.  This cost is $100.00 for the use of car and instructor.  Payment can be made by cash or check.





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