2020 Classroom Schedule

  • Parent Class is required for all Junior Operators under 18 before students begin driving on the road as of September 2019. 
  • Students are required to bring a notebook and pen to class, as well as their permit if they have one. 


  • Parent Class Wednesday January 15th at 6pm
    • January Class has been cancelled - Please sign up for February Vacation Class before its full!
    • Parents are still invited to come Wednesday evening at 6pm for future and current students to begin on the road driving!
  • February 2020 Vacation Class:
    • Parent Class Wednesday February 12th at 6pm 
    • February 17th - 21st from 8:30AM - 3pm 
  • March 2020 Class: 
    • Parent Class Wednesday March 11th at 6pm
    • March 16th - 31st
    • Mon - Thurs for 2 weeks 
    • Third Week Mon & Tues Only
    • 5:30pm - 8:30 pm
    • April 2020 Vacation Class:
      • Parent Class Wednesday April 15th at 6pm
      • April 20th - April 24th from 8:30AM - 3pm 

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